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Monday, August 27, 2012

A new beginning

I had a fantastic weekend with Bob. We spent it on the water with our new boat. We met a wonderful couple who live on a houseboat all year long. They are such nice people, we're suppose to go boating with them next weekend. We called our boat "A new beginning" because it's a new beginning for both of us :)





  1. It is lots of fun I had a blast this weekend. Looking forward to next weekend which is a long weekend :)

  2. Wow Marie, nice boat. I hope you haven't given up on the Harley.
    This was a good weekend to be out on the water. So hot and humid on land.
    Have fun and enjoy the long weekend.
    PS love the name too :)

  3. Thanks Les! Nope I love the Harley too much to give it up lol. A friend brought the boat for us because Bert took my truck and hasn't given it back to me yet :( so we took the bike to go to the boat lol.


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