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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wine bottles waiting to be painted

A customer came to my shop on Tuesday and told me she was going to clean me out of painted wine bottles. Well she needed 10 and I only had 5 so now I need to paint 5 more with santas and snowmen on them. They will be Christmas gifts and she needs them for December 21st. So you'll know what I'll be busy painting for the next little while. I had to dig in my stash to find some, then removed the labels now today I will be prepping them. I hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Fun fun.. good luck with them...

  2. Can I ask how you removed the sticky residue from the bottles after the labels were peeled off? I tried this with some bottles once, peeled the labels off and there was that sticky stuff and i tried everything with no luck!

  3. Thanks Kath! I couldn't prep them I didn't have any spray paint left =(

  4. Hi Sandi, I just let the bottles soak in warm soapy water then removed the labels, then you can scrape the residue with a knife and I also used a scouring pad and rinsed them in hot water. You can also use Goo Gone but make sure to wash the bottle afterwards because it leaves a greasy film. Good luck!


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