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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Simple Keepings

I'm sorry I haven't posted sooner I've been busy doing renovations on the house.What was suppose to be changing a simple seal on my toilet turned out into some major renovations. The toilet needed more than just a seal, it needed a whole new toilet  because it was cracked. Then I noticed the vanity was broken so I bought a smaller one because the one that was there was 3 feet wide and the bathroom is only 25 square feet  with the tub in there and there isn't much room. When I took the vanity out there weren't any tiles underneath and I'll never be able to find some just like them because they are 20 years old. I never liked them anyways they are tiny white squares attached to some mesh so I took a chisel and hammer and removed them all. I also had to change a piece of drywall behind the toilet so now I need to paint the walls, put in new flooring, vanity, sink and faucet and can't forget the toilet which all started this chain of events when it leaked through the floor and ruined the ceiling in my downstairs bathroom. More drywall to do, I'll be quite the handy woman LOL. My kitchen faucet broke but it's been taken care of, my microwave stopped working, my five year old kitchen marble island got unglued which apparently happens when contractors don't put any glue there in
the first place. They  only put clear silicone around the pedestal and cabinet. My roof is leaking and there's a hole in the ceiling of my mudroom, it's also leaking in my studio/office and can't forget the leak at my shop which caused some damage to the upstairs ceiling. Is there anything else that will go wrong this month?

Now to some more interesting stuff. I painted this metal lunchbox with a couple of saltbox houses, trees and stars then painted the words Simple Keepings. It would be great to store some prim candles or other goodies inside.


  1. Oh poor need a trip to the mall and a girls night out!!!!LOL! I love the metal lunch box.

  2. whats a hig.....oh man I need a dictionary!!!
    HUGS!!! Lynn

  3. I need more than a trip to the mall and a girls night out I need a trip down south LOL. Hig is that a new word you made up LOL. Thanks for your comments on my lunch box.


I always have time to read your comments.

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