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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Even more snowmen to look at

Here are some cool friends hanging out together behind their favorite word "SNOW". It took awhile to paint this one because of all the detail work involved.

I also like to paint on soap so here's a snowman painted on a bar of soap which can actually be used and the painting will stay on until your soap becomes a sliver but I think most people are afraid to use it and just display it.


  1. Ah cute Marie. Yes I agree about the soap, people are afraid to use it for some reason.
    Great little pieces today.
    Keep it up :)

  2. Thanks so much Les. Did you paint any soaps this year?

  3. What lovely work you do. I paint also, not as often as I used to. You shop is my kind of place but being in B.C. it would be a little too far to go.
    If you are interested some of us Canadian bloggers have posted a badge on our sidebars proudly declaring our Canadian pride. If you would like the pic for your province just email me from my site.

  4. Cute!!!!! thanks for stopping by to enter my give name is going in the hat!!!
    Good Luck!


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