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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Great Coonie Escape

Coonie is an indoor cat and never goes outside. Well yesterday Mitch got a call on his cell phone and had to got out on the porch for better reception. Apparently, Coonie waited close to the door for him to come back in and make his great escape without us knowing it. We watched a bit of t.v. then it was bedtime and Coonie always sleeps with me but he was nowhere to be found. We looked all over the house, then I figured he had to have escaped outside. So I head out with my flashlight and spot him under the enclosed porch, there's a space where he got in. Well there he is all spooked out and growling and I can't get him to come out. I ask Mitch to please  help me get him out. So Mitch rips out part of the lattice that's underneath to try to capture him but Coonie had another plan so he runs up on the porch and we try to coax him to come to us but he kept growling so Mitch approaches him and tries to grab him by the scruff of his neck but then Coonie bit his arm and took off like a bat out of hell. We spent an hour outside trying to find him but it was no use he wasn't coming out of his hiding place. Mitch told me he'd come back on his own and I told him that's if he doesn't get beaten up my Scrappy Do a big tom cat that lives outside and  that I've been feeding for 4 years now. Coonie has been declawed and doesn't meow very loud. I was also worried about him not coming back because my Dad has been feeding some cats also and they have all disappeared even one that he's been feeding for almost 10 years. We think they might of come across a Fisher. So I head back into the house without Coonie and I tell Mitch I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight because I'm too worried. I decide to go another last time around the yard with my flashlight and I'm turning the corner to go back inside when I spot the little bugger so I approach him slowly and talk to him and he's not spooked like he was and I am finally able to grab him and put him in the house and hit the hay for the night. I told Mitch you have to be very careful when you go outside because Coonie is very quick and you don't see him escape. He did the same thing last year and it was very hard to catch him. Well now he's safe and sound and I'm glad.

Here's Scrappy Do the big tom cat. His face is always scratched up from all the fights he gets into.

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