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Monday, February 11, 2013

I will miss you Lesley

I received a call on Saturday morning letting me know
that my good friend Lesley passed away. I was shocked and
very sad to hear this. I couldn't believe that she was gone I still
have a hard time believing it. I met Lesley on a craft board many years
ago along with some other painting friends. We decided to form
our own group and we've been close friends ever since. We even  had the
opportunity to meet in person. I spent some time with her in November
at her craft show. She was so surprised to see me she couldn't believe her
eyes. We had some laughs, shared stories, we even made plans to go riding together. She gave me one of her snowmen gourds which
I will treasure forever along with all the other gifts she has given me. The best gift she has ever given me was her friendship.  I will miss our e-mails  and seeing her creations. She touched so many hearts and she will be missed dearly.
Lesley was a very talented, generous, and  happy lady and always willing to share her
knowledge with others. She loved to paint, she would even paint her cat Rosie's whiskers with water :)
My thoughts and prayers are with John, her family and friends. May you rest in peace my dear
friend.  I will miss you deeply. I  love you Squirrley from your friend Queenie xox


  1. I am saddened and sorry after hearing the loss of Lesley .....Marie. Though I was never lucky enough to have met her in person we had become good friends thru our blogs, FB and shared love of painting. I never knew she gave everyone nick names....I just knew she would call me Linney at thymes and it made me smile. She loved my elf....that "made the magic hapen" at Christmas. She had emailed me that she had bought a pattern like my elf and was going to make one....we were planning some fun elf capades. I am only now finding out about your "group". How richly blessed you all were in having known her and loved her. I am sure now you are comforted in knowing how deeply touched she was when you surprised her at her craft show. She always encouraged us to keep our brushes flyin...I'm sure she is painting beautiful rainbows in HEAVEN. Find peace in your memories of her....I know I will.

  2. Hi Lynn, yes she loved giving people nick names. She called me Queenie because she loved my creative ideas she said I was the Queen :) When I surprised her at her craft show she told me that she was looking forward to making an elf like yours :) In the meantime she had her snowman gourd Henry as a mascot on her craft table. We had quite a few laughs about Henry :)

  3. what a beautiful post and everyone remembers different things about les. I had forgotten her painting rosies whiskers with water :) we are all going to miss her very much...she touched so many lives .......

  4. Very touching, Maire. So glad you were able to spend time with her in November. I know she was so shocked and happy to see you! I only wish we had one more time to all get together. :(

  5. So sorry for the loss of your dear friend. You were lucky to have had her for a friend, she sounds like she was so special. Bunches of hugs, Lecia


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