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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sweeping of the seasons E-pattern #00060 is ready

I designed and painted these canvas whisk broom sleeves for all seasons to decorate your home.
You could also paint this design on any surface of your choice.

E-pattern is available for purchase on  my e-pattern blog.


  1. Oh Wow, Marie. I really Love this one! I'm on my way to purchase the pattern now. Gotta have this one!

  2. Thanks so much Sandi! I really enjoyed designing and painting this one =)

  3. Wow Marie, this is so cute.
    Where did you find those straw whisk brooms? Probably your stash??? I only see plastic around here.
    You come up with the greatest ideas.

  4. Thanks so much Cherry and Les. I got the whisk broom at one of the dollar stores. I don't remember which one though and I want to buy more because I only bought that one awhile ago not knowing what to do with it then I came up with this idea. It looks like I used 4 brooms but I actually only used one so people can slip the different canvases on and off and change the homespun =)


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