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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mmmmm soup

How many of you have tried pho soup? I usually get
a medium sized bowl but last Saturday I ordered large or
should I say sink sized bowl LOL. I did finish it all and it
was soooo good now I'm hungry for more.


  1. I sure would love to dive into that Marie. Never tried it. I love Wonton.
    Sounds like you really enjoyed it. 2 bowls? RU kidding me? that is sink size.
    Les xo

  2. Yummmmm that looks delcious.. would love some of that right now.. that bowl is huge!! definitely sink

  3. Hi Les and Kath, I only ate one bowl silly girl LOL. I ate another sink sized bowl today for lunch. I'm addicted to this soup =)


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