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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jackpot of goodies!!!

A guy I know wanted to get rid of all these treasures and asked me if I was interested.

I said of  course and the best part is they were all FREE!!!

I want to put a glass on top of one of the wagon wheels then make a base and turn it into a table.


  1. Hi Marie, You hit the jackpot there, for sure.
    Would like to see the transformation of all those projects!!!

  2. Wowswers Marie, love that it is all free. Hope we see that wagon wheel table. I am sure you are working on that right now. LOL
    Watch the mail, some goods are coming your way.
    Les xo

  3. Thanks Lois and Les! Yes, I did hit the jackpot and best part of it all it didn't cost me anything lol. I will be on the lookout Les! I'm almost done mine =)

  4. WOW!!!! You sure did hit the jackpot!!! Lucky girl!!!


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