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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Snow Angel Ornament

I cut out and painted this snow angel ornament out of 1/8" wood using a Cyndi Combs design. I cut out and basecoated and shaded 5 others. I like to paint 6-8 or sometimes 12  but I only finished this one because I'm always anxious to see what it will look like. Now I will finish the details on the rest of them =)

If you are interested in purchasing this ornament it is available on
my selling blog.

Price is $6.95 USD + shipping


  1. It's great, Marie! I love that you cut your own wood, too! Not too many of us do!

  2. Thanks Vicky!! I love cutting wood, it's so neat to see a plain piece of wood, add a bit of paint then see the amazing results!!!
    Hugs back at ya ♥

  3. Great job Marie.
    I didn't get that pattern but after seeing yours I may have to. Too late to paint now.
    It is 9pm or after and I am beat. Finished up last deets and going to watch tv til bedtime.
    Take care and have a super weekend.

  4. Thanks so much Les! Hope you have a super weekend too and best of luck at your show.
    Bigs Hugs!!


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