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Friday, September 23, 2011

Smile you're on camera

I thought this was a cute picture of my Dad's cat with one of her babies and wanted to share it with you =) I was looking through my kitchen window and spotted both of them on top of my wishing well so I went outside and took a picture hoping they wouldn't move =) I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Ah how sweet. Beautiful kitties Marie. Love the little one with it's head tilted towards the camera. Wish Rosie liked the camera, she isn't a huge fan of it but we try. LOL
    I am finished your ornaments, they are sooo darn cute.
    Have a super weekend. Les xo

  2. My cat Coonie loves the camera. Everytime I want to take a picture of my crafts he has to jump in and I need to take him out of the way lol. Send me a pic of the ornies. Hope you had a great weekend! xox


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