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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Never enough snowmen e-patterns

You can never have enough snowmen. You will find these e-patterns on my e-pattern blog  as well as many more designs.  


  1. Hi Marie, thanks for dropping but and sure you can post my ornies on your Show and Tell. Would love to share them with your followers.
    Noticed I switched the colours. I noticed after basecoating but they still look great.
    Love all your e patterns. Quick easy and cute cute cute.
    Back to painting, Les xo

  2. Forgot to ask,do you have an e pattern or could you make one for that cute So shy santa, with the little button nose. I see it on your Ebay but not as an e patt. Hmmmm I would love to get it.
    Les hint hint and more hints

  3. Thanks Les! I will post them shortly on my show and tell. Yes, I noticed that you switched the colours and they turned out really nice. Happy to hear you love my e-patterns. I painted the So Shy Santa awhile back and the design was in an old magazine. I don't remember which one because I have a gazillion of them =)

  4. Oh ok Marie, thanks anyways. It is darn cute. I love all that hair on his face. Tee hee.
    I am going to start that hinged Snowman either tonight or tomorrow. JB has some hinges, so I am going to scoop them now while he doens't need them. I need them. LOL
    Happy painting as always girlfriend.


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