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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weenie Bite Competition

Mitch and I went to a bike rally Saturday and we participated in the weenie bite competition. A rider runs his bike under a bar with a hot dog covered in mustard
hanging off on a string and their passenger tries to bite off as big of a piece as possible.
The winner of the game is the one who takes the biggest bite without touching the hot dog or the string with their hands and that would of been me =) I had to stand up on the back pegs to be able to reach the weenie and take a bite. We won a $25.00 gift certificate. It was really fun!! Sorry there's no pictures =( you'll have to use your imagination LOL.


  1. lol so would have loved to see pics of this.. glad you won though... fun!

  2. Marie,
    I have seen these in my husband's bike magazines.
    Looks really hard to do. I would probably fall off the bike before getting to the hot dog.
    Glad you won something.
    Country at heart

  3. Thanks Kath and Tamera. It was hard to do but it was really fun!


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