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Friday, March 11, 2011

Addicted to Popcorn

I bought a popcorn maker and can't stop eating popcorn I'm truly addicted lol. I've been eating it every day since I bought it. I just finished eating a big bowl, they are so fresh and crunchy Mmmm!!! Who else loves popcorn?


  1. LOL Lynn!!! OMG I can't seem to stop. It's not even filling so I could eat a truck load LOL.

  2. Oh how I Love popcorn, LOL. My son Loves it just as much. What an awesome popcorn maker. Where did you get it? I would Love to have one. We use the microwave for our popcorn. Thanks.

  3. I have to say your "Addicted to Popcorn" title caught my eye because I to am a POPCORN ADDICTED! :) And doesn't popcorn taste better when watching a good movie?

  4. Hi Sandi,
    I bought mine at Costco. It's made by Cuisinart. You add kernels and a bit of oil and you're all set to go. It comes with a recipe book to make different flavors like caramel, chocolate,cheese,buffalo style etc...
    1/3 cup of kernels with 2 tsp. vegetable oil makes 8 cups. I use Canola oil, they don't recommend olive oil. Crunchier, healthier popcorn because you control the amount of oil and salt (I don't put any salt)for a healthy alternative to microwave popcorn which I used to buy. Makes up to 10 cups and ready in less than 5 minutes. Easy clean up! It's neat to see the kernels start popping lol.

  5. Yes, popcorn does taste better when watching a good movie Leanne LOL.

  6. Marie- Thanks for the information on the popcorn maker. My son says we need to go buy one now! LOL. I'm sure this is way healthier/better for you than microwave popcorn!

  7. Too funny about your son. I think you should listen to him LOL. You're welcome for the info on the popcorn maker. Now go out and buy one LOL. Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. oooh yes Marie.. nothing better than popcorn.. love it.. mine is just hot air.. like that you can put abit of oil in yours.. lol

  9. I agree with you Kath! There's nothing better than popcorn except chocolate of course LOL.


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