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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pouring rain couldn't stop me

Even pouring rain couldn't stop me from dropping in at the thrift store this morning =) I found a rolling pin which I can never pass up. I have 10 in my stash now!!! I also found a metal heart pan. As I was walking in the store with the rolling pin a guy comes up to me and asks: "What's up with the rolling pin?" I told him I was going to paint something on it and he just smiled and tapped me on the back. Very strange LOL.


  1. Oh, a gal after my heart...I too pick up every rolling pin that I find. I probably would have told the guy, I was gonna use it to beat my husband with...


  2. You meet the strangest people in thrift shops, don't you? I always do!


  3. Too funny Dee! I was going to tell him that the rolling pin was to keep men like him in line LOL. Yes, Cathy I do meet the strangest people at thrift shops. One time I saw a guy dressed in leggings, a skirt and a woman's blouse. He was shopping where else but the women's department for more clothes LOL.


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