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Friday, September 10, 2010

Take a look at my gourds!!

I planted some gourds this spring so I could paint on them and was a little worried that they wouldn't grow because all I had was a bunch of white flowers then a couple of weeks ago I saw a few tiny gourds starting to grow and today I checked on them again and look at them now!!! I was so excited when I saw how big they were =)


  1. Your gourds look so nice -- I planted some but didn't get much of a return. I'll try again next year..
    Have a great weekend.

  2. You should of seen the ones that came out 2 years ago. I planted bottle gourds but they looked like pumpkins instead. I was very disappointed. Sorry you didn't get much of a return on the gourds you planted =(
    Have a great weekend too Sandy!

  3. Cool! I keep telling the hubby to plant some gourds so I can paint some and sell some. Maybe next year he will listen to me. Have fun cleaning them.


  4. Oh Marie, your gourds are really coming along nicely. We have a ton of them here. LOL didn't realize 5 plants would be plenty.LOL
    Can't wait to see yours painted and mine too.
    L xo

  5. Hi Dee, yes you should plant some next year. They are fun to paint on. I found some all primed up this year at the thrift store of all places LOL.

  6. Hi Les,
    I planted 4 packs and there are a lot of them. I still have lots of white flowers. I saw a really fat gourd but it split =(


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