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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Melt Frying Pan

I wanted to show you the cute little melt frying pan I bought today at a craft store. I also bought some Apple Dumpling Melts and it smells so good in here =) I've got it displayed with some of my other goodies on my kitchen island.


  1. Oh I have one of these and I LOVE IT!! I have it on the woodstove in the winter so when it gets hot it melts the tarts and saves me on tealights. =)

  2. Hi Janice,
    I've only had it for a day and I love it already LOL. I don't have a woodstove but wanted to tell you what a great idea that was =)

  3. Why Thank You!! The longer you have it the more you will love it! I also bought some tarts at Wal-Mart the other day that smell amazing Black Pomegranate Plum-by The Better Homes and Gardens collection they have there. My house smells so yummy!!

  4. I was actually at Walmart yesterday and didn't know they sold tarts!!!! In what section are they hiding??? I will have to check if they have some at my Walmart because I love tarts and melts. I also love the Cinnamonbuns scent. I'll have to check out the scent you just told me too.

  5. In my Wally World they were in with all the fall decor and candles right in the front of the store (Better Homes and Gardens Collection) all their stuff was in there. In the I don't need it section but they put it in my face so I will buy it lol!! They also had them in the craft section with the oils and scent sachets etc. I bought some of the oils too they are yummy as well. The tarts were CHEAP too 2.50 for a package of 6 HUGE chunks they had cinnamon and pumpkin pie and cranberry and omg so many other scents too all for fall/autumn!! Gotta Love Wal-Mart!! =)

  6. You're so funny Janice I laughed out loud at your comment "In the I don't need it section but they put it in my face so I will buy it lol!!"
    I have a good excuse to go back I forgot to buy some ribbon to finish some more witch shoes I made =) They all sound like yummy scents to me and cheap too!
    Thanks for the info! I hope they have some at our Wal-mart here in Canada.


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