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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm a happy painter ~ My finds for today!!!

Here are my finds for today. I'm a very happy painter. I've been searching for a mallet and I found one today =) Check out those large 13¾" diameter plates!!!! I also found a rolling pin and coasters in a holder. A lady asked me where I found the rolling pin and I told her which aisle but said there wasn't anymore left because I had grabbed the only one that was there BWAAAA HA HA HA!!! Then I get to the cash and the cashier asks me if I have any coupons???? I told her I didn't know thrift stores took coupons??? She then said they aren't actually coupons but a points card and when you get 15 stamps then you get 30% off. I told her I never received one of those. So she gave me one and I told her that I came here every week to find stuff to paint on and she said: "Well it won't take you long to fill it then" You get a stamp for every $5.00 you spend and today I got 4 stamps!!! It would of been filled by now if I had received the card ealier LOL.


  1. Good thing you beat "me" to that rolling pin. I scoop up all of them I can find within my price range. As we speak, two of my sisters are scouring the antique stores and flea markets in Arkansas for some now.

  2. I hope your sisters can find you some. I've been lucky so far I've find a few =)

  3. You crack me up! Now you didn't really laugh in her face like that, did you? Haha!!

    That's an awesome score! I love those plates, those are a great size! I'll have to ask if my thrift store has anything like that... that's awesome!! You go, girl!

  4. No, Angie I didn't actually laugh in her face like that but I was thinking about it LOL.


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