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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Simplify Gourd

I finished painting this gourd today while I was  at my shop. I painted a prim scene with a little saltbox house, a willow tree and a sheep. I then cut out a star and attached it to the top of the gourd with a piece of red homepsun, a few sprigs of pip berries and a grubby tag with the word "Simplify".


  1. I can honestly say that I'm jealous of you for having a shop where you can get away and create! Having three kids in the home, I have many interruptions in my crafting and don't have near the time I wish I had. I keep telling myself to enjoy this time with them, but by golly... sometimes I just want to sit all by myself all day long and craft!!

    I love the way the gourd came out, prim perfect!

  2. I stummbled upon you blog and can i say I LOVE IT!!! You are so creative im so excited to seach thru and see all your creations!

  3. Thanks Angie. It's a good thing I don't have a computer at my shop where I create because that would be the biggest interruption for me LOL.

  4. Thanks so much Mary. I'm glad you stumbled upon my blog. I hope you enjoy looking around =)


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