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Monday, May 3, 2010

♥Live Simply Tiny Basket♥

Do you remember seeing these tiny baskets I got at the thrift store a little while ago? I love baskets and had to buy them but then decided what could I create with them? So I put my thinking cap on and decided to cut out and paint a saltbox house and heart. I then tied some homespun to a grubby tag with the words "Live Simply" added a few sprigs of pip berries, some excelsior and here is the finished creation.


  1. How creative! Love how that turned out! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog too!

  2. This is so cute, I love it! You are
    very creative! Have a great week.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. I wish you could scooot over here and give me some ideas of what to paint on all my pieces, you come up with the cutest things!

  4. Thanks so much Jody, Karen and Nancy.
    It was my pleasure to comment on your creations Jody =)
    Hope you have a great week also Karen =)
    Nancy, just make sure you have plenty of chocolate and I'll scoot on over LOL.

  5. Another great idea Marie, you are so creative! Just love the things you come up with!

  6. Thanks bunches Eileen. Customers of mine ask me if I ever sleep LOL because I'm always creating something new.

  7. I love this and need this!! Very cute! I love houses, baskets, homespun and berries! =] Very cute design Marie.

  8. Thanks so much Angie. I'm just like you I love everything you just mentioned too! You can never have too many baskets in your home LOL.


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