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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Wish....

I wish bloggers that have giveaways would let us know if Canadians are allowed to enter. I would like to enter some of the great giveaways I see posted but I don't know if I am allowed since I live went out in Canada LOL. I've only seen a few that actually state in their post that they will only ship to the US. I wish bloggers would let us Canadian folks know if we can enter their generous giveaways =) Thanks for listening!


  1. Hi Marie, your welcome to join my giveaway...

  2. Thanks so much Beryl. I don't get to join many =)

  3. giveaways are open to everyone! I live in Northern Ireland, but I'm happy to post anywhere in the world! I would so love to be able to step inside your lovely store!

    Carole x

  4. Thanks so much Carole. I don't see many Carole's with an "E". It reminds me of my sister when she tells people her name is "Carole with an E" LOL. Thanks for your kind words about my store and for becoming a follower =) I'm off to check your blog. I tried to visit but I get the message profile unavailable =(


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