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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coco's first outing

I bought a rabbit leash for Coco today since every time I take him out of his cage he plops himself in the basket and doesn't get any exercise.

Here he is on his first outing in the yard LOL.

 Then in the next picture you will see him all pooped out from hopping and running all over the place.

And here he is just chillin' LOL


  1. What a cute little baby! Thanks for sharing!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. oh how cute what kind of rabbit is coco .my youngest asked for one for her b-day last night and coco addorable.god bless michelle

  3. Thanks so much Karen and Michelle. I had a bit of a hard time putting on his leash but then he was roaring to go LOL. He's so funny, he makes me laugh all the time with his antics. He's a lopped eared bunny and the pet store told me he will be 5 pounds because supposedly he's a Holland lopped ear and they are the smaller breed. Coco is already 4 pounds and he's only 3-4 months old. I sure hope he doesn't get any bigger. I like him this size =)

  4. How adorable!! I can honestly say I've never seen a rabbit on a leash, but I can understand why you did it. He's so cute all stretched out like that and then that close up of his face is too cute!

  5. Thanks Angie! I've never seen a rabbit on a leash either but I didn't want him to run away because he's a quick little bugger. You should see me trying to catch him in the house to put him back in his cage LOL.


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