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Friday, May 14, 2010

Annabelle with her favorite prims

I like cutting out a brand new piece of wood and making it look like it's been around for ages. This is what I did yesterday while I was at my shop. I then painted Annabelle with her favorite prims. There is a sheep by her side and a pear on the other side. She has a crow sitting in her pocket holding a star. Annabelle is holding a flag with stars all over it. She is also wearing a tag around her neck with the word "PRIM" on it. I then added a piece of blue homespun.


  1. oh marie she is the cutest thing ive seen in a long time.great job!blessings michelle

  2. Awwww Marie she is so sweet!! I love her!

  3. Thanks so much Michelle and Jodi =)

  4. Hmmm... are you sure this isn't a self portrait of you and all the prims YOU love? Haha!

    Very cute!!

  5. Thanks Angie. You're very funny LOL.


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