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Monday, April 26, 2010

No painting done

 I did cut out and prep the other custom sign  I need to paint for the lady that ordered the loon sign but that's it. I didn't paint anything this weekend it was so nice outside so Mitch and I went for a long nature walk near a river on Saturday  and Sunday we went for a nice bike (motorcycle) ride. We did 165 km (103 miles) and stopped in at Tim Hortons to eat my favorite muffin which is Fruit Explosion Mmmmm! Oh! almost forgot we also stopped in at Dairy Queen on Friday night because you could buy any size Blizzard and get the second one for a quarter. We couldn't pass up on that deal LOL. Here's a view of what we saw while walking near the river Saturday evening. I will be going to my shop later this morning and will finish painting some gingers on a treasure I found at the thrift store so please stay tuned to see it =)


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