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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wish Upon a star skate

I like to paint on skates so I painted this one in black and put three snowmen gazing up at a star. I added a round tag that says Wish Upon a star and I also laced it up with red homespun fabric. Added a bow made out of rusty wire and a bit of snow on the blade.


  1. I love it Marie. I have 2 pair of skates (4 to paint...yippee), one pair in white and 1 pair in black. I'm looking forward to painting them. Your skate inspires me!


  2. Oh that is so darn that Marie!

  3. Thanks so much Willa and Jody.

    I'm glad my skate inspired you Willa :)I'm looking forward to seeing yours. I love painting on skates.


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