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Monday, December 7, 2009

Snowman, Penguins and Country Moose

I was so happy when I found all of these items marked down at half price yesterday.
I had to get them all LOL.
First up is a fibre optic snowman candy dish. It lights up but not in the picture because I thought I had batteries but I didn't. I will have to buy some this week. Instead of candy I put a candle in the dish and some decorative snow.

I visited my sister on Saturday and she had these cute penguins and I love penguins so I just had to go out and buy some too LOL. You put tea lights in them and the light comes out from the star cut outs.

I also had to get these little guys

and last but not least I had to get this adorable country moose and then I saw the tiny baby moose and I had to get him too.


  1. Love your treasures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh yes, any hints where we may get these??? love the snowman dish but the Pengy's are so adorable. Heck they are all cute, even the tiny moose.
    Take care Queenie :)

  3. Thanks girls! Les, I don't know if you have this store in your area it's called Jysk it's a bed, bath and home store.


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