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Friday, November 20, 2009

Custom Sign for customer

A guy dropped into my shop last week and asked me if I could paint a sign for him. He wants to hang it in the basement entrance with some small chains. He has a stone fireplace and bar downstairs.  All the letters are done with a paint brush no stencils were used then I shaded each letter and painted a bottle of wine and wine glass with a little wine inside. I then sanded the sign paying more attention to the edges then antiqued it. He wanted the same design on both sides. I hope he will like it.


  1. Hey Marie! Thanks for visiting my blog! Your sign turned out nice....I am sure your customer will love it!

  2. Hi ! i'm from France and i love visit americans blogs - Pierre, it was grand father's name - love this item - chounette

  3. Thanks so much Jody.
    Merci Chounette. You are actually visiting a Canadian blog :) Je suis Canadienne. Thanks for posting your comments about my sign.


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