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Friday, October 16, 2009

More Snowmen

I hope you're not getting tired of looking at all the snowmen I've painted.
I was looking through my saved pictures and found these two snowmen
that  I painted a little while ago and thought you'd like to see them.


  1. Never tire of your creations Marie.
    Now with your new addiction " blogging" are you going to have time to paint as well??

  2. Thanks Les. I never have time to paint when I'm home because I'm always on the computer. It's a good thing I don't have a computer at my shop because I wouldn't have anything painted LOL.

  3. Love the snowman...I never tire of them...I do get so distracted now by the that I have started blogging.....My drawing table and computer are all in my office at home....what an addiction.....but many new friends to share my passion of painting with!

  4. I forgot to ask....what program do you use to put your name on your pictures?

  5. Thanks Lynn! Blogging is very addicting and I only started last month LOL. I use paint shop pro or sometimes I use photobucket, click on edit then click on decorate then click on add text and choose color and different fonts, just make sure to click on transparent and position the text where you want it. If you have any more questions just holler :)

  6. It was my pleasure Lynn.
    Keep that paint brush movin'

  7. Nice post - pictures of snowmen ..Keep Posting

    pictures of snowmen


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