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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to catch some pesky fruit flies

Usually these pesky fruit flies are here in the warmer weather but we are invaded with them. I don't even have fruit out on the counter and they are all over the place. I even have some at my shop. They are at my friend's houses, my relative's houses they are everywhere. It's like they are having a huge pesky fly convention. Do you have any at your house? Well here's a tip on how to catch the little buggers. Pour some white vinegar in a bowl, put plastic wrap over it and poke small holes and you will catch yourself some flies LOL. It really does work look at the ones I caught, all floating on their backs LOL.


  1. Lynn, are you sure you don't want them to have their convention at your house? I can buy them a one way ticket LOL.

  2. I'm all set Marie........thanks!!! If you're giving out plane tics I'll take one ...I can come see your shop!!!! Those Santa beards are alot of work .....but fun....I've made about 4 of a nasty glue gun burn when working on one of them.....ouch..

  3. Thanks for that tip on getting rid of fruit flies - I'll be passing that on to my daughters.

  4. You're very welcome Denise. Thanks for stopping in.


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